Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mercedes Benz

Jumpsuit- Gypsy & Co (Vintage); Shoes- Aldo (Gifted); Clutch, Belt, Ring & Necklace- Thrifted
In High School I drove a '97 deep purple Saturn (a now discontinued brand). A week after getting my driver's license (of which I failed the first test due to 3 dangerous acts, a story for another time), my sister and I were going shopping for Christmas gifts.  Equal parts showing off; not paying attention and an icy winter driveway resulted in me reversing the car into the fire hydrant at the end of our driveway.  My Dad immediately came running out of the house and was quite calm about the incident, he just wanted to make sure we were ok.  He bought duct tape to seal the damage to the driver side door (nothing like a DIY car repair!) and it worked like a charm, except the driver's door never properly shut again so you were exposed to the elements; come rain, snow, wind or hail! Regardless, I spent a blissful two years driving my ghetto fabulous Saturn, and it was even my ride to senior prom (you can bet the limo renters were jealous!)

Eight years later and I've significantly updated my wheels.  My man always wanted to drive an upscale car so after careful deliberation we chose a black Audi A4 which I love zipping around town in.
We may drive an Audi but this week was all about Mercedes Benz when my man and I attended the Mercedes Benz StartUp semi-final fashion show on Tuesday night. StartUp is a national competition that provides emerging Canadian fashion designers with mentorship and support.  Caitlin Power's futuristic collection & Christopher Bate's menswear designs won them both a place in the finals and I look forward to seeing more of their Canadian talent in the future.

Two sexy rides ;)

Are you a car lover? (although hopefully not to this extreme!) What's your favourite type of auto?


  1. You look so sophisticated and fabulous in this outfit! Perfect for a night a fashion show. Your two sexy rides quote cracked me up :) Heather

  2. hehe, my boyfriend has Audi A4 but I own Saab 9-3. it's my third car and previously I have owned a Toyota and a Chrysler. Saab is the best though.
    and what a gorgeous ensemble you are wearing! it's the classiest thing ever in my opinion. oh and you always manage to thrift the coolest accesories! Estonian thrift stores don't have those at all..

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Ooh the Audi does look like a nice ride! I drive a falling apart 2001 Honda CRV, so I am definitely jealous!!

    The fashion show looks fun and you look great!

  4. My mom and my dad both have a Mercedez, it's one of my favorite brands of cars. I looooove this outfit, this is my favorite outfit of yours :)

  5. elegant mercedes benz fahion outfit. :) emily, you're funny! that car lover thing is crazy. your audi is very nice. i'm not used to seeing you with red hair. i had a dark green almost black saturn many moons ago.

  6. I'm not much of a car person. It just needs to work (duh), get good gas mileage, and take me from A to B. I don't like to drive and I get lost more often than I'd like to admit. But I DO like fashion shows, and this one looks fun. I love your metallic-accented look too!

  7. I love love love love this outfit! if you ever decide that you dont want this romper i can give it a great home ; )

  8. What a great outfit for a fashion show! I am a life-time non-driver. I've never even had a learner's license. Although it looks like we are going to be a buying a car soon for my helpmeet to get to work so I guess I'll be learning.

    Courtney ~

  9. You look fantastic. But my car is still a Saturn in which I will drive into the ground to avoid a car payment. I resemble a senior citizen at work while in fact they have cooler cars than me. Great outfit. Dawn xo

  10. I drive a Saturn right now, though mine is a 2001! It has its quirks though, like most cars to. Loving this outfit, Emily! It's incredibly chic and sophisticated. Looks like a fun event!


  11. Cute story about the Saturn accident. I blame the fire-hydrant for being in the wrong place.

    Your outfit looks great, you're tooling around in a fancy car, and you're posing at tony events like a celebrity. Nice life, Emily!

  12. OH awesome, I love that you had an old saturn. My mom had a '96 model that I learned to drive on! No power steering - woot woot!

    Great outfit! And looks like you had a good time!!

  13. Yay! You're back with the clothes!
    My first car was a 1999 Plymouth Breeze. We sold it on Friday. We got a whole $135 for it! Ka-CHING! For the last 5 years or so, parts of it were held together with zip ties.
    My husband's first car was a Ford Contour. Scott may have ran into a fence or two in his early driving years (admittedly, the fence was insanely tight to the driveway. I even hit it a few times), and his dad nailed the car back together. Yes, nailed it together. Needless to say, we're pretty pumped at the thought of buying a car that has passed a safety!

  14. What a nice outfit! You're gorgeous! I drive an Audi A3 and I'm totally in love with it :-)

  15. You look like you just came from the 1950's,
    I love everything about this outfit,
    It is polished in every way!

    Love the gold chain belt too,
    I can't count how many summers have gone by, where I've looked but failed to find something similiar! Haha, one of these days.

  16. Not a car lover, but love your "ghetto-fabulous ride" story :P

    Also, love your glammed up fashion show attendee look.

  17. "the boy" looks great and svelte in this photo...I'll have one of those cars in red please!

  18. You look stunning in this outfit! I like many different cars, but I currently own a Mini Cooper. It's a fun zippy car!

  19. I love this outfit you look a amazing ;-)



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