Monday, August 27, 2012


Skirt- Swapped (worn like this); Top, Shoes, Bracelets & Ring- Thrifted; Leggings- Forever 21; Necklace- Paradise Cove Luau
This time last year I was sipping Mai Tai's on Oahu's pristine beaches without a care in the world.  This summer I am a bundle of stress & nerves with the recent house move and increased professional demands and haven't set foot on a beach (not even a local one) in over 4 months.  To bring back the feelings of sun, surf & sand I decided to wear my Kukui nuts necklace from the Hawaiian  Luau while sipping mango wine spritzers on my front porch.  I must be getting quite good at visualization techniques because in my mind the grass transformed into turqouise waters,  my meowing cats became playful dolphins and I was dating Jason Momoa!

My black & white week is now over because I've been having colour withdrawals!  I have a bright outfit planned for tomorrow so bring your sunglasses!

Pants- Consigned; Blouse, Belt, Bracelets & Ring- Thrifted; Shoes- Max's Shoe Repair

Have you had a relaxing summer or has it been go-go-go?


  1. It's been a mix of relaxing and go-go-go for me. Best kind of summer I think.

    Hope you are settling well in the new home! I love those shoes!

  2. Our summer has been a mix of relaxing and crazy busy! I am glad school starts this week so we can get back into a routine. Hawaii sounds really good right about now though. Can't wait to see your colorful outfit. I will have my sunglasses ready :) Heather

  3. emily, i have no idea who that jason guy you were imagining dating even is. the link didn't work. anyway, it is a funny story. i like both your black and white ensembles! those ruffle shoes are precious. see you when you show us your dreaming of color outfits.

  4. Love the beads. I loved Hawaii but that flight...ohhhhway too long. We are going again next year. Wish you could go in place of me. You look great and so fit. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  5. Lady, you are wonderfully fit! That first outfit just makes you look like one long lean piece of muscle! (And muscle in the 0% body fat way, not the Schwarzenegger way). I know the overwhelmed feeling all too well these days! I swear every time I leave the office for an appointment, I return to find they literally can't work without me! And I'm not even that important! I've also decided, given how many people seem to be getting new houses, to redecorate our apartment. It's only 806 sq. ft., but it's apparently a huge project!!

  6. Oh poor baby!

    You do look like you're in a tropical island and not Ottawa though! Love the stripes!
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  7. oh I remember Jason Momoa from Baywatch! I used to watch the show all the time when I was little :P btw, I can pretty much relate to your summer story because Estonian weather has been extremely crappy and I have been here in my hometown for most of the time. luckily there have been some awesome trips as well. and I have one week of vacation still left, which is a huge yay!!

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  8. I feel like you too about having a crazy summer! its been hectic to say the least! I just had a flood in my apartment. ugh....

    Cant wait to bring out my shades hehe. :)

  9. Good luck with all the new house stuff--I know it can be overwhelming! I love how you still put fun and personality into black and white--these looks are anything but basic!

  10. I need help with my visualization techniques, Emily! I need your help and guidance! hahaahaha. My summer has been crazy. And I wish I could have been able to travel somewhere but there just hasn't been any time :(
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  11. Loved your shoes!!!! Both of them And the top that has some kind of lace print! Very beautiful! Surely it would be great to be on the beach, but to move to a new house must be great too!

  12. great outfit. I been in the go all summer long.

  13. How are your cute shoes from a shoe repair shop? Is it a side business? Do they sell shoes people never come back to pick up?


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