Tuesday, July 24, 2012

nutritious nachos & a 99 cent skirt

I love food.  I get excited when it's meal time and my favourite nights out involve dining at new restaurants (or re-visiting old favourites).  Since moving to a whole foods, plant based diet (no animal products and a reduction in processed items), I've had to become more creative in the kitchen.  Before I started this lifestyle change (a few months ago), I was a cheese guzzling vegetarian who slathered everything in ooey gooey and nachos were my guiltiest culinary delight.  And then I discovered nutritional yeast and it was love at first sight taste. Dairy free, delicious and healthy, what could be better?

My favourite vegetable (fruit?) is avocado- I can't get enough of the creamy texture and fresh flavour and of course nachos aren't complete without guacamole, especially when it's as easy to make as Alton Brown's recipe (I substituted lemon for lime and have made different versions with seeded jalapenos, green onions and black beans). I don't let the guacamole sit for an hour before serving as suggested in the recipe (because I'm an instant gratification kind of gal and let's be honest, who can stare at guacamole for 60 minutes without digging in!)

And now for the nacho 'cheese' sauce, follow this protein rich recipe and you can't go wrong (just keep stirring, the consistency will thicken up as it heats).   

And for the pièce de résistance I smothered blue corn chips (I like Que Pasa brand the best) in nutritional yeast sauce, topped with green peppers, jalapenos, black olives & red onions with homemade guacamole for dipping.  I can honestly say that my man and I both loved this nutritious vegan alternative and I can't wait to serve it at my upcoming Mexican themed dinner party!
Skirt (cost 99 cents), Top & Belt- Thrifted; Shoes- Consigned; Jewellery- Sears
And if nachos aren't your thing (gasp!), here are some outfit photos to keep you interested (and no those aren't bedroom eyes and pouty lips; that's my grumpy, just woke up look!)

One more thing about my newfound obsession with nutritional yeast, it makes a great popcorn topping! My favourite movie snack recipe includes chili powder, cumin & nutritional yeast (and I use Earth Balance vegan spread instead of butter).  Nutritional yeast has a nutty flavour and I much prefer its natural taste to the processed vegan 'cheeses' (my man described Daiya as melted cardboard- yuck!)

Are you a nacho nut like me?


  1. Mmm food! And because you use yeast to make beer, my husband frequently points out the nutritional benefits of yeast! Oh and I love your orange skirt!

  2. Oh man - I love how you did your nachos ! I've never heard of nutritional yeast before, but what you made looks awesome so I'm sure it's great. And nice job on the $0.99 skirt!

  3. Nachos, yum. You look gorgeous. I missed you, Emily!


  4. emily, i'm going to share your recipe with my husband, to see if he wants to try it. he likes experimenting in the kitchen. the details on the waist of that 99 cent skirt are wonderful! :) lovely turquoise accessories with the neon green belt & coral skirt.

  5. This post made me so hungry! I absolutely love avocados and always have them on hand. I love your skirt's lovely detailing at the waist...what a steal! Your accessories give it a really nice touch :)

  6. I would never have thought of nutritional yeast as a base for "cheese." I may have to give this a go, I have some yeast in the fridge to use. Those nachos look absolutely delicious, just like your outfit! LOVING that skirt and the super cute accessories like the belt and bracelet.

  7. I am an avocado nut, but darn those things are hard to excavate, which makes me appreciate avocados even more when I order them in restaurants :)

    Those heels are so lovely. I'm glad to see someone else buys jewelry at Sears, too. I wore a pair of clearance $2 UK dangly earrings from Sears to a fancy gala recently, and felt a li'l smug :P

  8. Mmm... I love avocados and nachos, too. I admire your healthy eating and, like you, have found ways to make good food tasty. Adding seasonings can perk up anything.

  9. Looks like a fun & festive night! Love the outfit you picked to wear :)

  10. well, to be honest I think I haven't had those proper nachos and I'm not too happy about it of course. but nachos simply aren't popular here in Estonia..
    I do love your outfit. the 99 cent skirt looks awesome and your shoes are beautiful!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. i am nacho nutty! LOL that looks so good! gotta try it! great skirt. i love the color.

  12. Yum! I use nutritional yeast in SO MANY things. It is a key ingredient in my vegan mac and cheez and vegan alfredo sauce. Your nachos look great! (and so do you)

  13. I've heard of nutritional yeast before, but I didn't know that you could use it like cheese! I will definitely have to look this up because I really want a healthier/ dairy free alternative!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  14. Yum! Nachos my favorite snacks. It sure is healthy with all that vegetables. Can't wait to try it. Anyhow I can't believe you bought our skirt just for 99 cents. Way to go.

  15. now i have to go to the health food store and check out this nutritional yeast
    we eat pretty healthy around here 98% of the time, cheese is a downfall, so i try to avoid it, this sounds like a great solution

  16. You've got a great mix of colours going on here. You remind me of a display of sherbets (is that weird?). Your neon belt is so fun!

    The closeup of your chopped ingredients is drool-worthy. What a great photo.

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