Wednesday, June 6, 2012

minnie mouse pt 2

Top- Spoof (Boutique in Toronto); Skirt- Swapped; Shoes, Plain Black Ring, Clutch & Jacket- Thrifted; Necklace- RW&CO;  Flower Ring & Tights- Aldo; Nail Polish- Fuchia Fever by Revlon

For some reason I really enjoy dressing up like cartoon mice.  According to blogger stats, the most common search term that brings readers to my blog is 'Minnie Mouse' (due to my previous MM ensemble).  There was no headband this time but there was red, white and polka dots, all very vintage Minerva (did you know that was her real name? I didn't until just now, thanks Wikipedia, I truly do learn a new thing every day!)

I wore this out last Saturday night to fellow Ottawa blogger A Fine Balance's wine & cheese party.  I am very happy to say that I stayed on my vegan diet, avoided the temptation of cheese and indulged in my homemade tofu cheesecake (which was super easy to make- melted dark chocolate chips blended with silken tofu and granulated sugar and then baked in a pre-made graham cracker crust- voila!)

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  1. Love the outfit, love the tights. You always look special!

  2. love love love the black & red & white trio! and I actually really love the whole look, hehe. it's elegant but at the same time pretty fierce as well ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. It's always hilarious to see the search terms people use to get to your blog. This is very Minnie chic too, I love it!

  4. That is funny that Minnie Mouse brings people here! That's ok, she's one stylish mouse! Love the polka dot skirt, it's cute and fun too!

  5. This is a darling outfit, Disney inspired or not. I love how effortlessly you can pull off the color tights. I have been daring myself to try them, but it never works out. Love the polka dots as well!

  6. Hey I really appreciate you checking out my blog too!

    I love the combination of polka dots on your skirt and shoes,

    And funny enough, "peter pan" is one of the top search terms on my stat list.

  7. Minnie Mouse is a true style icon. :) Have you seen OPI's new Minnie Mouse inspired nail polishes?

  8. i love that little skirt
    hope boyfriend is doing well after his surgery
    i am sure his mom is taking very good care of him
    (spoken as a mom of all boys!)

  9. Cute look! Love that you're channelling a cartoon mouse, but you do it in a great way :P

  10. When we went to Florida this year I bought Minnie ears at Target to save some money before going to Disney World. At the park they were $20 but were so pretty! They had sequined ones and even one with a veil for would have loved it.

  11. very pretty outfit, inspired by minnie, dear emily! :) you said you stayed on your vegan diet, but you didn't say if the tofu cheesecake you made was any good. so, do you think you'll make it, or eat it again?

  12. haha mini mouse! thats so cute!

    I had no idea you were associated with blog is usually associated with TEA if you can imagine!

    I love the red tights and polka-dotted skirt


  13. Cuteness! Love the idea of wearing that pop of colour on bottom, gorgeous red.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my HANDBAG GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  14. Loved your combination! Red and black is a great match, I love it! Beautiful clutch as well, and I want that tofu cheesecake recipe! (you know I'm vegetarian - not vegan, but vegetarian!)

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