Sunday, April 1, 2012

from tours to tapas

Pants & Blouse- Gap (Thrifted); Shoes- DIY; Necklaces- Gifted & Macy's
 This is what I wore on Thursday to work- I was giving tours of the Dress for Success boutique and presenting our programs to interested agencies.   

Remember my DIY glitter flats? Unfortunately the surface has started to crack, and that's only after a few wears and with a sealant that claims to act as a top coat!

 Do you see something furry in the background? That would be Mama Sita at her water bowl-where she often falls asleep mid-drink!
Pants- Gap (Thrifted); Blazer- Marshalls; Top- Gifted (from my Dad); Shoes- Swapped; Rings- Thrifted & Vintage; Nail Polish- Minted & Whimsical by Revlon

I wore my new Marshalls blazer on Thursday night for dinner and drinks with Kat & Nissa, two lovely bloggers who also live in Ottawa.  We have a lot in common- specifically the 3 F's- food, fashion and fitness! 
I'm ready to retire these pants (worn previously on the blog like this) as they're a bit too short and they gather in a most unflattering manner in the crotch area (which isn't a selling point to say the least!)

Has anyone else switched to Google +? It took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to write a new post and I'm not a fan of the new template.  I've also been having trouble commenting on other blogs recently- an error keeps popping up.  I'm seriously contemplating buying a URL- have you bought a .com or .ca for your blog? Do you have any suggestions?


  1. I haven't switched to Google+ yet. Sorry to hear you glitter flats are falling apart.

  2. I love your sheer top. My .com is through google, I'm not savvy enough to build my own site. I haven't experienced the comment problem everyone else has, but I can't edit my followed blogs. I hate 'clutter' and being unable to unsubscribe from defunct blogs is annoying in the extreme. I hope google fixes their stuff, because I don't like wordpress and I am still not up for trying to build my own site.

  3. If you are up for buying your own site the is really amazing. All of the plugins, themes and editing is totally free. It does take a little while to get used to but I think it is the most powerful free self hosting on the market right now. If you are just going to point your URL to your current blog you should TOTALLY do it. It's less than $10 through most domain registration companies. I'm pretty happy with goDaddy (which my friends keep telling me is the WORST) and only pay about $7 a month for my hosting & domain name. (Although you do have to pay for it in one lump sum to get it that cheap.)

  4. i bought a .com from go daddy for my blog. i think i paid for it for like 3 years. i've never done anything with it but i do have it just in case :)

    i love the gorgeous statement necklace. that coral blazer is fab too. and those pants are nice, i wouldn't have noticed the gathering in the crotch until you said something. but if it's uncomfy i'd say get rid of them for sure!

  5. I unswitched from google+. I was actually just contemplating a post about how much I don't like it. It makes it hard to find people's blogs! I clicked on your name in my comments (thank you) and it linked to your google+ page which didn't link to your blog. I had to google you!

  6. My .com is through Google as well...I am just not terribly tech savvy at all. And that sucks about the glitter flats, and the crutch bunch pants, but the sheer top and the blazer are super cute.

    Courtney ~

  7. Hey you, thanks for stopping by. I have a google + account and honestly can't figure it out. I too am thinking about doing the URL thing but not sure if this old chick can handle it!
    Check out my new post. You'll like it. It's a tour through our little cabin!
    Have a good week my little friend!

  8. oh my gosh! I love both outfits, Emily!!! I really like the necklace in that first outfit and the beautiful sheer neckline in the second one. I have a google+ account but don't know ANYTHING about it. Somehow, my blogger profile redirects to my google+ page and I don't know how to switch it back :(

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  9. how frustrating about your glitter flats. boo! how frustrating about google + too. your marshalls blazer looks fab with your gifted from dad top. i like that necklace!

  10. great outfits...I like the necklace for the first outfit, it's a lovely statement piece. The peekaboo sheer top looks really nice under your coral blazer. Fabulous color combos by the way. I have a google plus account but I am kind of regretting setting it up cuz it was the cause of my pictures deleted by mistake. And I don't use it at all. So if you are thinking of the .com thing, I would say it's great, I am thinking about it as well but not sure how to go about it yet


  11. I love both of the outfits! The sheer top and statement necklace are fab! I am also peeking at that amazing blazer. I am not a fan of google plus and I also HATE the new layout! It is so NOT user friendly. I purchased my .com from using blogger. I think it is in the settings, but I can't find anything now...... It was $10 for two years. I just figured it was so cheap, why not?


  12. What a gorgeous necklace in the first look and that top and blazer in the second look are too cool. I love Marshalls! I need to figure out Google + too, ugh.

  13. I loved the necklace and the black top! The blazer is also lovely!
    I am thinking of buying a dot-com for a while... I guess I will do it soon, cause my platform is telling me they don't have much more room for my pictures... and I pay it monthly... so, bad service? I will change the approach!
    I think it's something you need to do too, cause we try to be practical, right? And some platforms make things more difficult...

  14. I think I'm not going to even try google+ because it just sounds like a huge problem.. but yeah, for an example yesterday I experienced many errors when trying to comment on posts.
    anyway, I also wanted to say I really like your bright coral(?) blazer and the cool black top under it!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. Two great outfits. I especially love the second one - I'm always looking for fun ways to wear blazers :)


  16. I was having some trouble commenting on blogs the other day too. I don't really like Google +, but like Megan Mae, would like to keep my blog with Blogger for now instead of Wordpress. I hope Google figures out their stuff too.

    I love your first outfit, the shirt is so classy and the necklace is amazing! I like the second outfit too, the color of the blazer is so pretty! I don't think the pants look bad, but I understand how sometimes you have to retire certain clothing items! It happens to all of us!

  17. My website is free through but you can pay and get your own domain name through them. I'll look at the site. You're looking great, kid! love, Mum xoxoxo

  18. I LOVED your outfit that night and I wish we had known it was your bday even if it was just to say so in person : )

    Had a lovely time and I cant wait for us to hang out again : )

  19. I'm on Google+ and Facebook, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I post my blog links and hope for the best. :(

    I've been extremely happy with my self-hosted blog through The free plugins and widgets made it really easy. I also got my .com through GoDaddy which was really cheap and they had a deal for 5 free email addresses to go with your .com.

    The thing that made me buy my .com was a workshop I attended where the speaker said, "If you end up on TV or being interviewed for a magazine, do you really want to have to rattle off a long URL?" People will never remember a long, but they'll remmeber a short .com.

  20. The combination of the colors and designs really made it outstanding, great fashion work. :)
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