Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sassy stripes

Dress- H&M (Thrifted); Belt- Thrifted; Shoes-Suzy Shier; Pantyhose- Forever 21; Ring- H&M; Nail Polish- Butterfly by Revlon; Sunglasses- Coach (c/o Marshalls)
I'm feeling sassy in stripes, continuing with day two of the Super Stripes Challenge and another outfit worn on my mini-vacay this past weekend at Mont Tremblant.
I'm linking up with Silverstyle: Trending Through the Decades- Pastel Edition because there's some pale pink in this dress somewhere!
No it's not your eyes playing a trick on you, these pantyhose really do sparkle and shine!

I'm also feeling sassy because I received this great pair of Coach aviator sunglasses (my fave!) in the mail the other day, courtesy of Marshalls, in preparation for their Ottawa store opening. As a bargain hunter extraordinaire, I can't wait to shop 'til I drop (I already have my eyes on quite a few pieces!) and am even using some of my overtime hours from work to attend the sneak peak (now that's commitment to style!)


 Imagine waking up to a view like that everyday! I can't complain though- the weather was summer-like today in Ottawa (+29'C with the humidity which is unheard of in March- we usually still have snow storms....knock on wood!)


  1. Oooh, very sassy! I like! And the view in that last picture is absolutely stunning...OHEMGEE pretty much describes it. Maybe a little quaint, too.

  2. I knew Forever 21 carried sparkle tights! I searched and searched and searched for them before Christmas, and didn't find any. They are great! And so is the dress!

  3. The stripes are such a pretty color and I LOVE your shoes! The sparkle tights look pretty cool too :)

  4. How wonderfully stylish. The tights are terrific.

  5. Look at you sassy girl! This dress looks awesome on you! I have a similar one from Old Navy in slightly different colors. I really love the pastels in this one though!

  6. it looks gorgeous there. nice couple photo. fun sparkly tights & outfit. :)

  7. I love the dress, and your nail polish color!
    I would definitely be excited for Marshalls - I don't know where I would shop without the TJX stores.
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. cute dress, I like the colors and stripes. The matching heels are fabulous. The location is perfect too. What breathe taking views!


  9. You look amazing dear!

    I've an amazing giveaway on my blog and I really appreciate if you would partecipate! <3

  10. What a fabulous dress - I love that you added a yellow belt!


  11. You're lucky to get to go to the sneak peek!! Have fun and be sure to report back!! I'm excited the store is opening here. But still tapping my foot waiting for H&M (haha).

  12. Oops hit send before I finished my comment. This outfit is so cute. I love the fresh stripes, bright shoes and that awesome thrifted belt. Great colour!! Your whole look is nicely put-together and keeps the eye roving.

  13. Cute Dress. Congrats on getting a sneak peek.

  14. my gosh, +29 degrees.. we have +4 here in Estonia :D
    looking at your beautiful summery photos makes me miss wearing shoes, light clothes, everything perfect for warm weather..
    I totally like your outfit btw - so bright and cheerful :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. Adorable dress! I love the pop of yellow.

  16. we're getting a Marshalls?!?! HAha, i feel like I'm always the last to hear about anything... *sigh*

    That dress is awesome by the way, and I love the colour of those shoes!

  17. How great is that thrifted belt! Love the striped dress too. You guys are looking great on your vacation.

  18. What fun tights! Love the sparkle...and you manage to rock stripes like nobody's business, lady. Great look!

    <3 Cambria

  19. What a fun dress! You look adorable! =)

  20. i adore this dress and those tights?
    sparkle tights, who wouldn't love those
    jealous of your free sunnies

  21. What a fabulous view! and I love the dress! Perfect for the beginning of spring!

  22. The view is AMAZING! I am dying about how great you look in that dress. Your outfit is so fun and hate to say it, but you look a little like one of us California Girls! haha


  23. That's a fun dress. I love the colored stripes in it and those sparkling tights are awesome! You look great.


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