Saturday, March 17, 2012

all made up for st.patty's day

Dress- Juicy Couture (Vintage); Blazer & Belt- Thrifted; Shoes-Swapped; Necklace- Sears; Nail Polish- Butterfly by Revlon
 This past week I had the opportunity to meet with (PR Executive) Lindsey and (Makeup Artist) Karina from Make Up For Ever , an innovative and prestigious beauty company founded in France in 1984 by Dany Sanz.  Sanz's background was a painter and sculptor which spoke to me because my Mum is an artist so growing up she was always mixing colours and coming up with beautiful creations (which is exactly what Sanz did with Make Up For Ever, she transferred her artistic skills from canvas to face).  Make Up For Ever sells theatre make-up (including fake blood, prosthetics and products to create wounds and burns- how neat it that!), a smudge-proof collection (which was originally created for Parisienne ballerinas and is now used for synchronized swimmers worldwide) and of course everyday beauty products which are sold at Sephora worldwide and used in Make Up For Ever's international beauty schools.

I had the opportunity to test out the HD Complexion Kit which includes a primer, foundation, microfinish powder and kabuki brush.  I had only ever worn foundation so was excited to have Karina use her magic abilities to transform my face.  Not only was the process as relaxing as a day at the spa (the kabuki brush feels like a mini facial) I also learned a lot about proper makeup application (turns out I've been doing it the wrong way this whole time!)
 I was so happy with the final results- I've never seen my skin so flawless (almost airbrush-like!) and I was feeling so sassy I even posed with my mirror face! Thanks so much to Lindsay and Karina for educating me, pampering me and putting up with my silly jokes (and believe me there were some groaners!)

 {Full disclosure- Make Up For Ever provided me with the HD Complexion Kit for review however all opinions expressed are mine.  I have not been financially compensated by Make Up For Ever for this product review- I just love getting my beauty on!}

Happy St. Patrick's Day from one crazy leprechaun to the next! (and yes that is an actual green wig, no photoshopping here, and yes I will be wearing that out tonight because really what other day could I get away with wearing a lime green hair piece?)


  1. The "Make Up" demo is great! I love how great it looks on your face. I agree, It makes you look flawless!!!! Great dress too!


  2. Happy St. Patty's Day :) Your dress is adorable! Love it. I have a similar one but in red.

  3. Pretty! You always look nice but your make-up is killer there. I've been looking for some new face make-up lately...maybe I'll have to give this a go.

    Happy St. Patty's Day! The dress looks GREAT with your hair and skin tone!

  4. oh that dress! the whole outfit is swoon worthy. your skin looks luminous. have fun emily. :)

  5. Your dress is sooo pretty, I love the bright green! (and by the way, your wig is pretty darn awesome ;)

  6. You make me smile! I just purchased Lancôme foundation and also learned I was applying it wrong. Now I use a brush and it works great. New trending link is finally up. Stop by. No green wigs in this one:)

  7. I love this dress and your wig!!!! :) Your skin looks fabulous and how lucky are you to get that MUFE swag!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  8. You have such a beautiful blog and you look amazing in green! :)
    I'm a new follower both on bloglovin and google, follow back if you like.
    Have a nice weekend! **

  9. looks fun!!! I stayed home :{

  10. This is so great - that green wig is super. Your dress is beautiful, and you're right, your face looks so flawless! Very pretty :)

  11. I am loving that dress. The color is gorgeous and I love that it is crochet. Also, you are always beautiful, but that makeup does make you look almost airbrushed. Amazing. I need some of that!

  12. I love this post! your vintage green dress is amazingly beautiful (and suits so well with the orange nails) and the wig is crazy! :D
    I also like the review. it's crystal clear how well those products have worked for you. I guess those really are perfect for you ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. wow...what a pretty green dress...the lacy details are perfect! I like how you accessorize it for a really eclectic look. I like the color remix. The green wig is so cute! You skin is already flawless to begin with so I think the make up definitely even out the skin tone and made it look even more radiant! I think I need a primer too to even out my skin tone.


  14. Look how amazing that green dress looks with your coloring!

  15. Super cute outfit. your rocking the green wig.

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  17. You look so cute in your green lace dress! I don't believe I own any sort of green dress. Just might need to change that...


  18. You are so cute! Love the dress. LOVE you in that wig. Your face is always flawless but now I'm intrigued about this makeup.


  19. What an absolutely adorable St. Patrick's Day look. Also I am giggling and loving the green wig! Love it!

  20. Ooh you look gorgeous! And I love that green dress--that color looks amazing on you!

  21. oh how fun to get to play with make-up
    your skin does look flawless and the glow in your cheeks is fabulous
    loving the green wig baby!
    hope you having a hot tub time machine party up in Mont Tremblant

  22. fabulous green dress! i love the style and the material. the necklace is a pretty complement to it. love the wig, too!!



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