Tuesday, January 17, 2012

when in rome

Skirt- Boutique in Rome; Vest & Scarf- Thrifted; Blouse- Smart Set (Swapped); Boots- Sirens; Tights- Lilac Lingerie; Ring- H&M; Belt- Forever 21


We all hold on to at least one piece of clothing that tells a story.  As I was cleaning out my closet the other day, I stumbled upon this black embroidered skirt which I'd completely forgotten about.  I bought this skirt in February 2007 (almost 5 years ago- how time flies!) during my university reading week trip to Rome with my Mum.  It was an unforgettable vacation- we shopped, ate pasta, took in the culture, got lost in the suburbs and were mistaken for sisters by the charming Italian men! I can honestly say that Italy is my favourite country to visit (having explored Florence, Venice, Pisa, Verona and Rome). There's just something about the history, fashion & lifestyle (not to mention the impeccably dressed men!) that suits me just perfectly.  
(Let's just say that Elizabeth Gilbert wasn't exaggerating when she wrote Eat, Pray, Love!)


{You can't visit Italy without doing a bit of shopping- even if you can't afford to get past the windows- or in this case giant purse!}
{The Spanish Steps were crawling with tourists...}
{...but we managed to squeeze our way up for a photo op and a bit of exercise to work off all the Italian pasta we'd been devouring!}
{I dragged my Mum to see the Colliseum- rain wasn't dampening my adventurous spirit!}
{In San Pietro square with Prada bag-street version.  Hmm now where did that bag go to?}
{My love of cats isn't confined to Canada, I'm an international crazy cat lady!}

Ciao bella!


  1. omg you're so cute! i'm so jealous. i want to go to all those places too, lucky emily. i also want that embroidered skirt & those textured tights, so if you're ever thinking about getting rid of them...

  2. I would certainly love to visit Italy one day since I've actually studied a bit of Italian in university and I'm kind of starting to forget everything :P
    btw, you and your mom are adorable together. I also love the last photo and the text under it is so good! :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. That's a beautiful skirt! I love when my mom and I get mistaken for sisters. Happens a lot, she was only 22 when I was born so she used to take us to the park and people would think she was our nanny. And when we're with my Granny people assume we're sisters and my Granny is the mum (which she LOVES).. anyways.. that last photo is my favourite, made me laugh! I would also totally chase cats through the streets of Rome.

  4. I love seeing the old photos from your trip! Italy is so beautiful - it's been almost 10 years since I was last there but I still remember it fondly. And isn't clothing that tells a story great?

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  5. I love the embroidered skirt! And the photos from your Italy trip are so sweet! Thanks for sharing them. =)

  6. What neat pictures! I have to say - I love the last one the most, because I love kitties and that kitty looks like my Taylor. :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Rome is on my list of places to visit. I read "Eat Pray Love" about once a year, and it always makes me so hungry for pasta! :)

  8. What a cool trip! I definitely couldn't let a piece go that I bought on travel. I've never been anywhere though, so I haven't experienced that. I love your scarf and statement ring. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  9. Your Rome pictures look great. I love your outfit. It is very fun and it reminds me of traveling.


  10. And now I wish I was in Italy. Isn't is fantastic how one piece of clothing can stir up fond memories?

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  11. I'm going to Italy in July for almost 3 weeks! Super excited. It will be our second time there but this time we will be staying put in Tuscany for the entire trip. LOVE it.

    You look so cute. I've missed visiting your blog. Catching up now.


  12. The embroidery on this skirt is so pretty! I can't bear to part with anything I've picked up on my travels. I have gifted pieces that I have no hope of fitting into anymore to friends, though. A good way to ensure they keep on being loved!

  13. Gorg scarf and ring
    I haven't been to Rome, but have been to Venice and Travesio
    Loved.them both

  14. funny thing i was in rome in 2007 too, it was an amazing trip and i fell in love with italy, their language (which i've learnt after my trip), people, culture and of course clothes.oh i wish to go back so much, and your pics make me miss italy more than ever.
    thanks for sharing hun.
    by the way i am now following your blog,
    i would appreciate it if you stepped by my own one:
    and in case you liked it followed me back.

  15. Hey Emily! I love your skirt and what a super sweet story girl. You and your mom had a fab time. Thanks for sharing your pics. It's so beautiful. I loved Eat Pray and Love. The guys...swoon! LOL


  16. Aw you were so cute 5 years ago! Your outfit is gorgeous and I love that skinny belt.

  17. Wow, I'm so jealous of your trip! Italy is one of my top most-wanted places to visit, mostly because of the food. I'd just go there and eat myself silly!

  18. This was such a fun trip...glad you hauled me through miles of streets in the pouring rain to see the Colliseum even though we couldn't afford to go inside it. That, and the Sistene Chapel will have to be viewed on our next trip! love, Mum xoxoxo


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