Saturday, May 28, 2011

sugary sweet

The beautiful, intelligent and stylish Dimi of Little Witches/Tiny Wizards awarded me with the Irresistibly Sweet blog award, which is appropriate because I have a huge sweet tooth (plus I like to think I'm a sweet person too!)  So without further adieu, here are 7 facts you didn't even know you wanted to know about me! :)

1.  I find it very difficult to wake up during the week so I set my alarm early so I can snooze a good 4-5 times before waking up (which probably is more disruptful to my sleep but that's how I roll!)
 2.  I love buying gifts for other people and put effort and consideration into what they like.  I particularly love buying "just because gifts" for the boy and my close friends. This Christmas I'm thinking homemade gifts for everyone (so I hope you like soap, frames and chocolate!)

3.  I am not one of those girls who wakes up with perfect hair and a perky smile.  I am grumpy, with bed head, dark circles under my eyes and drool on my pillow.  I would love to meet someone who wakes up looking like the girls in movies after a sexy sleepover cuz it sure ain't me!
 4.  I do not know how to apply makeup so the most you'll see me wearing is a dap of mascara, and some coloured lip gloss (and maybe a bit of eye liner on a good day!)

5.  Even though I have a Blackberry, I refuse to have my e-mails forwarded to it.  I  don't like the idea of being that accessible, because I know that if I receive a work e-mail after my 8-4 shift I would probably answer it and I need some professional boundaries!
 6.  That being said, I am OCD about checking my e-mails (on my computer and during work hours that is!) My perfect day at work would be receiving oodles of e-mails and spending the day responding to them.  At the end of each day I actually count how many e-mails I sent to measure my productivity (I told you I was a bit OCD!)
7.  I usually pick out my outfit the night before because on the days when I don't (after having snoozed for a good 40-50 minutes), I look like a hot mess and I always have a better day when I like what I'm wearing!
Floral Dress- Thrifted; Black Dress (worn underneath)- Smart Set; Black Vest- Suzy Shier; Heels- Walmart; Ring- H&M; Nail Polish- Lightning by L.A. Colours

Have a great weekend everyone and stay sweet!


  1. congrats on your sweetie award. you are the sweetest!

    OCD! Welcome to my world. I check my email and twitter and facebook constantly from my iphone. Perhaps I shouldn't but what doesn't really matter.I'm crae-crae.

    I bet you look amazing in the mornings. I can't imagine you looking anything but amazing.


  2. You're adorable and so is this post. I laughed out loud at #6, sounds like something I'd do. Congratulations on the award!!! I'm loving your vast shoe collection. My only bit of unsolicited advice is that a close-up of that ring would have been great! - Kat

  3. Oh thank you dear!!! You're the sweetest and totally deserve it! I love your facts and truth is I'm a bit OCD (but I have my days!)! Don't panic - nobody wakes up and looks perfect! Many kisses! (and lovely outfit btw!)

  4. I so snooze 5-7 times every morning; I only get up an hour after the first alarm - I just can't do it any other way!


  5. Hi Emily, thank you so much for visiting mu blog and for your sweet comment:)
    You look just beautiful in this outfit, i like it :)

  6. I liked your answers. It's fun learning more about interesting people.

  7. Love it!! :) I agree with Shybiker- it IS fun to lean about awesome people! ;D

    Haha- I set my alarm for 5:45 and sleep/doze/read until 6-6:05 :) Haha- not QUITE as extreme as you ;)

    I LOVE the shoes you're wearing, by the way!! <3


  8. P.s- oops, forgot this! Congratulations on the Blogger award! ;)

    Definitely a irresistibly sweet Blogger! :)

  9. Great shoes :D
    This post is very nice :)
    If you want, you follow me.
    I'll follow you too :)

    Alla moda e con stile

  10. Congrats on the Award. Cute outfit. I also check my e-mail way to much during the day.

  11. congrats on the award! you definitely deserve it. and how cute is that dress? and those shoes are lovely. you don't need too much make-up at all either. you look beautiful!

  12. I love the idea of homemade gifts they are more heart felt.


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