Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{30x30 pt2} Leopard Snow Prints

Today was the epitome of a frozen winter wonderland in Ottawa.  Over 15 cm of snow fell last night so I awoke to a white oasis.  These are the days I wish I was a child again and school was cancelled so I could spend the day making igloos and drinking hot chocolate.  Intead I had to traipse through mounds of snow (ok I might be exaggerating a teeny bit) to take the bus to work.  The CEO of our other Ottawa branch sent all his employees home early but my boss made us tough it out until 4 pm.  So I protested by spending my afternoon lint-brushing my jacket; doing lunges in my cubicle; writing an article about Ottawa Fashion Week and brushing my teeth.  All in all a productive day!

I feel like Minnie Mouse with this headband!

Marley & Me

Skirt- Bettie Page; Sweater-Zara; Tights-Wonderbra; Shoes- Charlotte Russe; Headband- Smart Set
Stay Warm Everyone!


  1. I like the headband it's fun. Those shoes are so cute. Sorry you had to go to work :(
    My Heart Blogged

  2. How cute are you??? I LOVE your skirt and I'm so excited to see how you remix your gap skirt -the same on I have, too. I am really enjoing this 30 for 30 challenge. It's been so fun to 'meet' some new style bloggers. : )

  3. i actually do like this one! two for two!

    -ur biddie

  4. Way to show it to the man. LOL. I like the headband it's daring and works well with the outfit

  5. That skirt is divine.. the headband details is fabulous
    lee x

  6. I so love the skirt! cold here too. Great shoes. Hope you have snow boots. I'm sure you do.

  7. I love that sweater and how you contrasted the hot skirt n shoes with the sweet bow and high neck sweater. Great!
    I'm doing the 30X30 too and I have a link up every Wednesday for anyone who wears jewelry with an outfit, hope to see you there!

  8. wow your skirt is so cute but I adore your tights!!! have a great weekend hun!

  9. beautiful skirt!! you look gorgeous!!

  10. @My Heart Blogged-the shoes are comfy too (bonus!); @3Stinky Boys- it is a really fun challenge- I want to continue it after Feb!; @Melissa- I wasn't sure about the headband but its fun! @Shybiker- that is such a sweet thing to say- I often wish I looked different- I guess we always want something else! @Diana, Lee, K, Kat and Cecylia- thanks! :) @BetterDays- don't worry I have a great pair of boots (also in my remix!) @Jewelscapes- I'm always wearing jewelry so I'll check it out! xo Emily

  11. Adorable! Your outfit is great. The buses sucked yesterday. And Marley does look a lot like Jake. He's big too.


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