Saturday, January 8, 2011

Black & Feeling Blue

I'm wearing black and I'm feeling blue.  It's the winter blahs- I get them every winter and I'm also coming down with a cold.  But this year I will battle the blues with my new regiment.  I will take my iron supplements, I will exercise regularly and I will force myself to leave my apartment and walk through the wintery wonderland.  That's right folks- I plan on beating the blahs and coming out more healthy and happy on the other side.  So bring it on winter because I am ready for you!

Hat and Faux Fur Vest-Vintage; Jacket-Urban Outfitters; Pants-Old Navy; Boots- Spring


  1. boo winter blahs! i am inspired by your quest to extinguish it ;) thank you so much for your sweet comment!! you look gorgeous and i'm loving your blog. i am your newest follower xo

  2. You look stunning as always! I forced myself to go for a 2 mile walk in the snow in the 28 degree weather.... I am with you - trying to beat the winter blahs - the fresh air and exercise is important. Working on your blog will keep the winter blahs at bay! And will make me happy, too- I love reading your posts. :)

  3. Wow -- what a vest! It looks fabulous on you.

    Many people get blue in winter. Entirely understandable. Best wishes for beating that.

  4. Awesome plan! I bet you'll be able to beat the blues. This is an inspirational post... Maybe I too will try some of your wise advice. I might need you to kick me in the butt tho ;)

    Adorable outfit btw, you look great.

  5. im right on the same page about iron pills, walking, and hitting the gym - i realized today when i treat myself well and do these things, my relationships improve, or rather, I demand to be treated well. like i had a boyfriend who really consumed my energy and once i started taking better care of myself, i had less energy to give to him and then i realized our relationship wasnt going to work - woah, didnt mean to rant there!! awesome resolutions! xoxo

  6. I told myself, go get out and enjoy winter this weekend! Celebrate the opening of the Rideau Canal by doing a few slides in there.

    Oy Vey, I did Nada! But on a separate note, you look fantastic!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  7. ohhh a love the furry cardigan looks so cosy

  8. Aww thanks everyone! This vest is one my fav winter pieces- even though it's faux it's also very warm! I have my first yoga class tonight so fingers crossed!


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