Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspector Gadget

Ruched Shirt- Anthropologie
Jeans- L.e.i.
Fedora- Urban Outfitters
Bracelets- Dragon Moon, Perth
Blazer- Smart Set
Shooties- Charlotte Russe
Nail Polish- Iced Mauve by Revlon

Outfit (don't mind the garbage bags of clothing behind me!)
Black Sweater- Smart Set
Black Pants- Thrifted
Boots- Top Shop, UK
Fedora- Alfred Sung for Zellers
Guitar- prop (can't play it to save my life!)

I love fedoras and whenever I wear one I feel like Inspector Gadget, from my favourite kid's cartoon.  Hats are such a fun way to spice up an outfit and they work miracles for bad hair days.  Wake up with greasy roots without time for a shower? Throw on that cute floppy hat and you're ready for a fashionable debut! (not that I'm advocating for un-hygienic behaviours but hey we've all been there!)


  1. cute the bracelets too visit me again soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  2. Love the outfit!! The hat is classic! The bracelets look like they are from this great website called Bombay Hope you had a great weekend:)


    Molly Jane

  3. What a great top; I love ruching. And you rock that hat!

  4. Wow love the hat and bangles, the guitar is sick too!!! I'm loving discovering local bloggers! YAyy Ottawa fashionistas! xox

  5. Awesome hat! I love getting inspired by random, non-fashion things! And I love the blue guitar too!


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