Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Divas at the Farm

This past Sunday I attended the Volunteer Christmas party for Ottawa Victim Services where I act as a Team Leader (blogged about here).  I had the opportunity to catch up with some great friends like Mirjana and Sabrina (pictured above); eat some great food (you probably know by now that this will entice me anywhere!); gingerbread cookie decorating (I got in on the kid action) and a horse drawn sleigh ride!

The only problem was, Sabrina and I missed the memo that a) this event was at a farm; b) this event was mainly outdoors and c) it is in fact winter with snow on the ground! How could you tell that we missed the memo? Well I wore thigh high heeled boots and she (like the designer babe she is) wore Burberry shades and brought her new Coach bag.  The end result is that we looked like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on A Simple Life and the farmhands were caught chuckling to themselves at our expense.  Ah well sometimes you just have to diva it up at the farm! (I think the Belgium work horses appreciated our effort!)

Pigs are my favourite animal in the world- I stopped eating pork when I was 10 for this very reason!

Malcolm has prettier hair than me!

Barren Winter Wonderland

Joining in on the kid's activities (this happens often!)

On a snow related note, I am getting very worried about the flight cancellations and weather at Heathrow airport in London. Why? Because the boy and I are flying there on Thursday to spend the Holidays with my Mum, Step-Dad and British cousins! Fingers crossed that we get there in one piece!


  1. So cool and a bit funny how you two were dressed- definitely stylish and a little "simple life" haha. Just because you're near pigs doesn't mean you can't look good :)

  2. LOL! I would have pulled heels and fashion attire to the farm as well. Makes for an interesting day out. Great event! It's awesome that you volunteer.

    Try to think positive about your flight. I'll be send you positive energy.

  3. Thanks ladies! Ash- I really do hope that I get to the UK in one piece (or at all!) I don't necessarily want to spend Christmas in the Philly airport- ah well at the leasst it will be an adventure!

    Happy Holidays lovely ladies!


  4. I LOVE pigs too. What a festive time. So love the photos. All the best on your holiday with family.

    Thanks so much for reading and the note.

  5. Magnificant horses! No worries about flights now, we are thawing out and Heathrow is plowed. See you tomorrow morning! YAHOOO!


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