Monday, November 22, 2010

poppin' bottles on the ice, like a blizzard

The song G6 by Far East Movement is catchy for the first fifty times, after that it's a bit inane and mind- numbing.  Plus I thought that G6 was a smaller group of world leaders than the G8 so the lyrics didn't make sense to me until my friend explained that it is about an airplane! Nevetheless, this song was definitely the theme of our Cali trip and it was played on a continuous radio loop en route to San Diego.

The Hotel
In San Diego, we stayed at the Sheraton San Diego where the boy's conference was being held. I must admit that I was not impressed.  They gave us two double beds, the room was dirty and the staff unfriendly.  So, I took action and filled out the comment card in a very diplomatic but unsatisfied manner! So take that Sheraton! The hotel was also out in the booneys on Harbour Island, right next to the airport which meant that sitting in the hottub was almost a death wish as airplanes flew above.  On the bright side, the surroundings were beautiful and the pomegranate martini was divine!

The Food
I think it's clear at this point that I have a mini obsession with food, the Food Network and cocktails (everything but the actual cooking- I am trying to get there!) California was abundant with my two favourite cuisines- Japanese and Mexican, so San Diego consisted mostly of tacos, salsa and margaritas (the poor boy rarely gets to eat a curry or a falafel!) I finally stepped out of my rut to dine at the Italian restaurant The Glass Door which had a beautiful view of the city and a great cheese platter!

This was made of Silver Patrone and was quite intense (the after math was me prancing around Borders Bookstore wearing reindeer ears- not a classy move)

Mmmm Gingerbread French Toast with Butterscotch Icecream

The Culture and Adventures
I must admit that I was a bit of a lazy sloth in San Diego and while the boy worked I slept and lounged poolside.  I did manage to drag my limp body to Balboa Park on the last day and it was definitely worth the early morning wake-up! The architecture was stunning and there was a museum to suit anyone's fancy.  I chose to spend my time at the Museum of Photographic Arts which was showcasing fantasy photography by Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor as well as school childrens' depictions of their culture.

And then there was Legoland.  My inner child's dream come true! The boy and I drove lego water boats; visited Mini Land USA and goofed around like school children on a playground.  I would highly recomment Lego Land to children of all ages!

Celebrity Sightings?
I was lounging by the pool when I noticed a commotion over by the waterfront.  I peered a little closer and almost fell into the pool- Johnny Depp??!! I immediately called the boy over and we darted (well I darted he dragged behind) over the where he was filming a commercial for a boat called the Treasure Island.  The boy didn't want me to approach Johnny as he was working, so I sat as close as possible and stared at him like a deer caught in headlights.  Finally, the commercial director asked if I wanted a photo and I almost went into cardiac arrest.  Until I got close and realized that this guy was too short and average to be the real deal and instead he was Sammy the Commercial Star.  Oh well, it was the closest encounter with the stars I've ever experienced and who knows maybe he was Sammy Depp- Johnny's younger and less famous brother! What do you think- is there a resemblance?

The City

I just love the look of colourful lanterns hanging from the ceiling (The Glass Door restaurant)

The Shopping/ The Outfits

My photographer was at work so I precariously balanced on the bathtub ledge to take these photos

Maroon Pumps- Spring
Navy Blue Dress- The Gap
Floral Blouse- Thrifted
Gold Belt- Thrifted
Earring- Road Trip, Ottawa

My panda ring from Logan Antiques, Ottawa

Apparently this is what I look like while ordering dinner- good grief!

So shiny!

Dress- Alice & Olivia
Sequin Booties- Charlotte Russe
Blazer- Thrifted
Earrings- Vintage
Panda Bear Ring- Logan Antiques
Wearing the dorky "Companion" necklace- what am I a dog?

Grey Shirt- Anthropologie
Black Pants (changed into leggings)- Thrifted
Boots- Pour la Victoire from Kitson

A pinup girl's dream store- Betty Page
Green Lace Dress- Juicy Couture
Brown Wedges- Marks & Spencer
Necklace- Vintage

Fun jewellery for adventures in Legoland.  Ring-Fashion Museum of Bath, UK & Necklace- Anthropologie

I am now offically back to the frozen plains of Ottawa and it is difficult to be fashionable in these sub zero conditions! You go Canadian fashion bloggers!!!


  1. Great post! I love the sequin booties and I love the pic with the comment "This was made of Silver Patrone and this was quite intense (the after math was me prancing around Borders Bookstore wearing reindeer ears- not a classy move).." ~too funny xoxo

    Pink Stilettos

  2. Wow Great photos..i feel like i was there! that food looks amazing and pomergranate martini...YUM!!! Love that light blue dress!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. your alice and olivia dress is smoking! and your trip looks divine!

    Yes, we Canadian fashion bloggers do have our work cutout for us over the next few months! Hang in there though!


  4. Looks like you were having lots of fun! I love those mannequins - they are so pixelated. Sammy kinda resembles to this Hollywood guy (I can't remember his name) but not Depp.

  5. looks like a great place, I'd kill for sunny and warm weather like that now! lol love all the lego people, and that far east movement song is catchy!


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