Tuesday, September 14, 2010

š ABC’s of Fall Fashion

A is for Animal print
Animal print has been seen all over the runways and in the stores.  For Fall/Winter 2011-leopard print is especially hot!

B is for Bib necklaces
If you want to spice up any drab outfit- add a statement piece of jewellery-such as the bib necklace and wham! Your outfit is now officially fabulous!
C is for Cargo pant and Camel
I never would have thought I would be pulling my cargo pants out again- but there you have it- they are once again hot! Try them in more form fitting silhouettes in neutral colours.  Camel is Fall’s hottest colour and since it is a neutral it can be paired with colour, patterns and different textures.
D is for Denim
Denim jackets, denim trousers and denim jumpsuits- it’s the season for denim as the days are getting colder so will your bare legs so throw on some denim (preferably dark wash) and you’re good to go!
E is for Embellished shoulders
I love this trend- its very chic and glamorous.  I just bought a plain grey t-shirt but the shoulders have some sparkle, making it a great transition from day time to evening wear.
F is for Faux Fur
My favourite celebrity stylist- Rachel Zoe is all about the fur- faux of course.  Fur is a great way to stay warm and remain stylish.  Forget Northface jackets- this season it’s all about fur jackets and fur stoles.  Be kind to an animal and buy faux- if you spend a bit more you can get very realistic looking faux. 
G is for Gloves
Cold weather= need for hats, scarves and gloves.  Driving gloves were spotted on the Fall/Winter 2011 runways in leather with feminine details like lace.
H is for Head-to-toe colour
Pick a colour you like and wear it from your nose to your toes! If you like camel, wear a camel coloured shirt, skirt and boots and then break it up with accessories in different colours. 
I is for Imagination
Just because something is in style, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear it.  Use your imagination, wear what you feel good in and rock it!
J is for Jumpsuit
Spring/Summer 2010 was all about rompers and Fall/Winter 2011 is all about the jumpsuits- the same concept with more material.  For a casual look, wear the jumpsuit with flats and a cardigan and for a dressier look, wear with ladylike pumps and a statement piece of jewellery.
K is for Knits
There is nothing better than throwing on a warm knitted sweater in Autumn.  This season, its all about chunky knit sweaters.
L is for Lace and Leather
I am so happy that lace has been cropping up in Fall Fashion. I think lace is beautiful, timeless and elegant.  In contrast to lace, leather has been dominating Autumn style and I love a little bomber leather (or in my case pleather!) jacket.
M is for Military
The Military look is probably the hottest look in the stores at this time of years.  Military ensembles-especially jackets-were all over the runways.  Pair the Military jacket with a pair of camel cargo pants and you are one trendy gal!
N is for Nail polish
I love nail polish and dark sparkly nail polishes are a hit!  Chanel has created a new line of camouflage coloured nail-polishes (think army green and beige) which are perfect for Fall.
O is for Oxfords
Not my favourite style, but none-the-less, chunky oxford pumps are the rage.  Wear with wide-legged trousers or an x-tra long skirt to stay warm and look posh.
P is for Ponchos
Ponchos and capes are back in style.  How to wear these sleeveless cover-ups? Drape over a leather outfit for a biker-babe look or pair with leopard print for a glamourous evening look. 
Q is for Quilting
Quilting often conjures up images of grandmother-types drinking tea and piecing scraps of fabric together….not this season! Quilting is all about the texture and looks great on skirts- as Chloe showed on the Fall 2011 Runway.  My favourite quilting look is on handbags- Chanel is no stranger to this trend and Alexander Wang’s new quilted handbags are divine!
R is for Red
Red lips, red heels, red capes and red leather.  Red is a sexy colour that when worn, evokes sexiness (many men prefer the colour red on women). I just bought a red lipstick for Fall and I can’t wait to buy sky-high red pumps to go with head-to-toe camel outfits.
S is for Sky-high heels
To me, nothing is sexier than a woman who knows how to walk in shy-high heels.  Lucky for us shoe lovers, this season it’s all about chunky heels so we can wear higher heels with less of the agony that stilettos provoke.  Ladylike pumps are a great look, comfortable and timeless.
T is for Thigh-high boots & socks
How do you keep your gams warm in the cold weather? Throw on some leather/pleather thigh-high boots and you have the solution!  Wear over jeans for the weekend or pair with utility dresses for work.  Thigh high socks are cute with skirts (to avoid looking like a naughty school girl- pair with a long leather skirt).
U is for Utility dresses
I love love love Utility dresses.  They are easy to throw on and depending on how you accessorize, they can take you from day to evening. 
V is for Velvet
It keeps you warm and it looks regal.  This season- wear velvet in jewel tones to look like the King/Queen that you are!
W is for Wide-legged trousers
Rachel Zoe alerted me to this trend and it has been seen all over the Fall/Winter 2011 runways.  Wear with chunky oxfords for some height and if you (like me) have short legs, ensure that you get them hemmed before hitting the streets!
X is for X-tra long dresses & skirts
I know I cheated on this one- but honestly- what starts with X besides Xylophone and Xenon- not sure how to tie those two into trends!  X-tra long dresses (aka Maxi dresses) and skirts are great for the fall and can be worn with tights and thigh high boots. 
Y is for Yves St. Laurent
He was an amazing, extraordinary designer.  In memory of Yves- check out his Fall/Winter 2011 line-it’s divine!
Z is for Zippers
Zippers are made funky this season by adding twists and turns to their usually, mundane plain jane zip!

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