Monday, August 11, 2014

tiaraicon1 week down, 51 to go!

Dress- E-Bay; Fedora- Sears; Sandals & Belt- Thrifted; Backpack- Boutique in Colchester, England (don't remember the store's name); Sunglasses- Ardene; Nail Polish- Shellack 

They say it takes 21-28 days to form a new habit or break a bad habit. I've just completed my first week of my year of no shopping and I'm going to be honest, it's been tough.  Maybe even harder than I thought because I wasn't fully aware of how often I give in to my temptations.  My first day of the challenge I was working at twiss & weber and tights were on sale for $20.  I immediately started justifying to myself how tights could count as hosiery (on my can buy list) and that maybe I would start my shopping ban the following day.  After consulting with a friend, she reminded me that I wouldn't need tights for a couple of months yet and that I still have plenty of tights I can wear.  A few days later I was picking up a prescription at the pharmacy.  After being told it was going to be a thirty minute wait, I figured I would just browse until the time was up.  Until I realized that I would be tempted to look at and possibly buy nail polish (on my not to buy list).  So instead I drove home, did some tidying and walked to the pharmacy half an hour later.  So not only did I not shop unnecessarily, I also got some exercise and a tidier home!

Something fun that has come out of this challenge so far has been shopping my own closet.  I have been organizing my clothes room and came across over a dozen summer dresses I had forgotten about(counting this printed bird number) along with a few bags (including this butterfly backpack- and backpacks just happen to be trending again- hooray!) Finding items you didn't realize you owned is almost as satisfying as shopping for new pieces- bonus you don't have to spend any money!

Have you ever had to break any bad habits? How long did it take you? (P.S. yes that is a pug in a lifejacket- my friends' little guy Rupert!) 


Friday, August 1, 2014

tiaraicona year without shopping

I have an unhealthy relationship with shopping and it's time I do something about it.  And since I'm a go big or go home kind of girl, I'm going all the way and taking the drastic  measures to challenge myself to a year without shopping.  You see I'm not just your average gal who loves shopping, budgets themselves and enjoys their purchases for years to come.  I'm an impulsive, compulsive shopper with an addictive personality.  I treat my credit card and line of credit like free money, I buy in excess and without need.  I don't think through my purchases which often leads to consumer guilt and debt. 
Why now? I participated in Kendi Everyday's 30x30 remix a few times where I didn't shop for the month and I found it very rewarding to shop my closet but found the 30 items (including shoes) limiting.  I have a massive closet (it's actually a small bedroom) and I have no shortage of clothing, accessories, shoes or purses.  As someone who doesn't follow trends but instead wears what I like, there's no need for me to buy anything else because my weight rarely fluctuates, I know what I like and what looks good on me and I am an accessory addict who believes in the transformative abilities of a great hat, statement necklace or stiletto heel. 
The hardest part about this challenge for me will be the temptation as I work at two local clothing boutiques and see new merchandise being delivered and sewn on a regular basis.  It's kind of like an alcoholic trying to abstain from drinking while working as a bartender.  It's the ultimate in exercising willpower!

The main things I want to get out of this challenge and what will keep me motivated:
1) Get out of debt and start saving! As I've been working in non-profit and fashion for the past eight years, I have no pension plan or health benefits.  I recently opened TFSA and RRSP accounts and would like to start saving for my future, for a European trip and to pay off my mortgage quickly. 
2) Create it vs. Charge it.  Shopping can take up a lot of time and energy that I would prefer to invest in more creative endeavors.  I have a sewing machine, I'd like to learn how to use it. I have a craft room full of supplies and ideas, now I just need the motivation!
3) Closet shopping.  I think this is a very important skill to learn and one that I teach my SMASH styling clients about.  You won't always have the resources (financial, mobility or time) to buy a new outfit so why not learn how to create exciting new ensembles from your own wardrobe!
4) Healthier ways to relieve stress.  I've noticed a pattern with my impulsive binge shopping, it often happens when I'm stressed out, anxious or not feeling well.  Shopping is like a drug to me, it gives me an immediate euphoric feeling like a high but then I get guilty and crash.  I have recently been dabbling in the world of yoga and I want to explore this practice more along with mindfulness, meditation and exercise as coping mechanisms.

My Year without Shopping Rules:
From August 1, 2014- to August 1, 2015:
ALLOWED: clothing swaps, product reviews for my blog, lunch out (once a week), dinner out (once a week), drinks out (once a week), toiletries, makeup (as needed), hosiery (as needed), office supplies, anything for SMASH styling (except clothes for me of course!) and gifts for others birthdays/Christmas/special occasions
NOT ALLOWED: shopping for clothing (new or used), shoes, jewellery, purses, handbags, accessories, jackets, winter accessories, nail polish, household decor, knick knacks, books or just because gifts for others

During this challenge I will be posting at least monthly about the challenges, triumphs and any tips and tricks I learn along the way! Stay tuned and wish me luck!